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  1. Temp Leave

    Our Founder @sanso is taking a leave for some personal Problems. As second in command for the community I'll be taking the role of leader till he returns.
  2. Community Public Rules.

    COMMUNITY RULES (GENERAL COMMUNITY RULES) 1. If asked to change name or Avatar Icon by admin you must do so. 2. You can not be disrespectful to other people. This includes excessive swearing and use of any racist, sexist or homophobic terms. 3. No Cheating, Cheat scripts, Barrier Jumping, Map exploits or hacks of any kind. 4. No Server Disruption, including Griefing, Chat spamming, Trolling or intentionally interfering with teammates. 5. No advertising in servers. 6. No Names, chat or anything that advocates or oppose a political stance, terrorism or religion 7. No website URLs in names or avatars. 8. No impersonating admins 9. No arguing with, or pestering admins in-server. 10. No Racism in any way, In the discord, TeamSpeak or Forums. 11. Admins have final say. 12. Using a VPN in any way to by-pass Rules is not allowed and can lead to a ban on all accounts. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse! Your Account is held accountable for any transgressions!